7 A-side Competition

  1. ​Soccer Boots and shin pads are to be worn.
  2. All players must sign-on prior to all games.
  3. Teams are to consist of 7 players on the field, with a maximum of 10 players per team to be registered.
  4. The standard FIFA rules of soccer will apply with the exception of the offside rule. Which will read the offside rule will only apply within a 10 m semi-circle from the centre of each goalmouth.
  5. In all games the referee’s decision shall be final.
  6. All free kicks are taken as direct free kicks; there is no penalty area.
  7. Players judged by the referee of overzealous tackling may be shown a yellow card, which means he or she is to be substituted for 5 minutes. If no substitute is available, he/she must go in goal for 5 minutes. If the same player is shown a second yellow card during the game, he/she will then be shown a red card and sent from the field, no substitute will be allowed. Rule 11 will then apply.
  8. Any player sent from the field of play may be fined $20.00. He/she will not be eligible to play until the fine is lodged with the organizing committee. This fine will be refunded at the end of the competition, unless the player is sent from the field a second time. If this occurs the player in question will forfeit the fine and will be ineligible to play for the rest of the competition.
  9. All rules are subject to review and alteration at the discretion of the organising committee.
  10. Any suggestions or complaints should be given in writing to the organising committee and it will be acted on if it is considered that it will improve the game for the benefit of all players.
  11. These rules are designed to make a viable and enjoyable competition for everyone participating. Therefore, co-operation and compliance of the rules is in everyone’s best interest.
  12. Players are reminded that whilst the rules are designed to reduce the risk of injuries as much as possible, participation in the competitions is at the player’s own risk. Players are urged to play in the true spirit of the game.
  13. All players are required to be registered through the FFANSW registration data base.
  14. Qualified Referees will be provided for each game at a cost of $20.00 per game. Referee fees will be included in the individuals comp fees at the start of the season.